Best Restaurants To Go To In Washington D.C.

USA’s capital is definitely a huge destination for tourists from all around the world so it should come as no surprise to notice that there are many interesting restaurants that are praised by both locals and people that visit the city. It is actually difficult to choose just one option so let us think about the best restaurants that you want to go to based on what you want to experience in Washington D.C.

Rasika – Best Restaurant For Romance


Do you want to go on a really romantic date? If so, the exotic tastes, sexy scene and trendy décor from Rasika is highly welcoming. It is located in Penn Quarter and is an Indian restaurant at its basis. Food will be hot, the date will be hot and the experience will be really hot and romantic.

Pizzeria Paradiso – Best For A Family

Pizzeria Paradiso

Obviously, you will be able to eat a lot of pizza here, just as the name implies. Burgers are also on the menu if you want something American and the prices are definitely affordable. You will love the experience since the location is quite lively. As a secondary recommendation if you want something more special, the Lebanese Taverna is also a great hit for families looking for a more international cuisine.

Johnny’s Half Shell – Regional Cuisine Experience

Johnny’s Half Shell

The main thing that we have to say about Johnny’s is that the Eastern Shore delicacies are simply stunning. This includes crab imperial, soft shell crab and crab cakes. If you are a foodie, you know that Washington does not actually have a cuisine that is its own. However, this restaurant is perfectly located to offer great local favorite foods. This is a great spot for locals and you want to experience it to see what most people living in Washington eat when looking for a regional experience.

Amsterdam Falafelshop – Best Restaurant For Vegetarians

Amsterdam Falafelshop

There are many that are vegetarians and Washington D.C. definitely accommodates them, with Amsterdam Falafelshop being right at the top of the list. There is a great mashed chickpea falafel here that features 21 toppings to choose from. Also, the Dutch styled fried potatoes are tasty and you will want to try them. If you want more vegetarian sweets, Zaytinya is the place that you want to go to.

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