The Very Best Vegan Restaurants In London

Unfortunately, when it comes to vegan food there are not many options available in UK or at least as many as some say there should be. However, London does have many different vegan restaurants to consider or vegan friendly establishments where you can go for a very tasty vegan meal.

East London

  • Black Cat Café

The food is vibrant, looks great and is properly proportioned. This ranges from sweet potato chips and vegan burgers to soy milkshakes we can only describe as being fantastic. The curry is great and cakes are to die for. Vegan ingredients can also be bought if you are interested in that.

  • Rasa

Rasa is not your typical restaurant. There are 2 branches one can go to. Rasa Travancore is the restaurant that is normal while the other one accommodates vegetarians and vegans. What is interesting is that the prices are quite low while the food is excellent.

North London

  • Indian Veg

Here you can find Indian buffet food that is quite cheap. The majority of the curries are vegan. Food will be canteen style and the portions will be wholesome. Décor is Indian based and if you are particularly hungry, you can easily go for the all you can eat offers.

  • Itadakizen

In King’s Cross you can find this great vegan Japanese restaurant that offers many tasty dishes like vegan sushi, kimchi, buckwheat teas and agedashi tofu. The seaweed menu is the one that is really special and that is highly recommended.

Central London

  • Mildreds

This is one of the most popular of the vegetarian restaurants in London. They have dishes that are gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian. All is well-marked in the menu. International food is served but do not worry as the vegan meals have all the restricted ingredients you want.

  • Vanilla Black

This posh vegetarian restaurant features modernist plating and a complex vegan menu. Refined vegan food is going to always be on the menu. The restaurant is great for a business meeting or a family outing.

West London

  • Woodlands

Southern Indian vegetarian dishes are in the menu and the vegan options include thalis, soups, utthapam, dosa and idli. The Jain menu (food without garlic or onion) is also tasty.

  • Nama Foods

The entirely raw and vegan food served here is different than in other restaurants since there is zero cooking at a temperature of over 42 degrees. Vegetable pasta is at the top of the preference.

  • La Suite West

This hotel restaurant is different than other establishments of its kind. The menu offers many different gluten free and raw options, with the entire menu being vegan. Food will be high end and plating will simply be gorgeous.

South And South East London

  • Greenz

This African and Caribbean influenced vegan restaurant offers cooking classes and there are many events that are interesting, like book clubs, held here from time to time. Diabetics love this place because of the menu options.

  • The Waiting Room

Customers keep saying many different good things about The Waiting Room. Many praise the vegan drinks menu but the vegan food available includes hot dogs, burgers, bagels and even vegan sausage rolls.

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