Best Shopping Opportunities For Tourists In Lyon, France

Lyon is renowned as the gastronomic capital of France and the third city when talking about size so you can easily expect some great food shopping opportunities. However, this is just a small part of what Lyon can offer if you are a tourist and are interesting in some really great deals or unique items. Whenever you visit Lyon it is a shame not to buy something and these are the locations you want to consider as being the best.

Lyon Fashion And Design Shopping Opportunities

Mis En Scene is definitely the first shop to highlight. It may have a design that makes you think of other things but here you can find tremendous interior design elements and fine furniture featuring baroque lighting, a modernist feel and strong colors. Even carpets and textiles are available.

If you are interested in jewelry, shoes, lingerie and fashion in general, head over to Printemps as there are actually 5 floors that offer what you want. Winter collections are already in place so great Christmas shopping can start right now. Just do not go during Sundays as the location is closed.

Lyon Food Shopping Opportunities

You may want to start with a visit to In Cuisine, a bookshop that is 100% dedicated to food. It features various sections of interest that include books about chef recipes, world cooking, nutrition, health, vines and wine. After looking at many books and most likely buying a few, stay a little bit longer for a great café.

If you love tasty sweet treats, a chocolate and cake shop like Bernachon gives you the possibility to experience chocolate at the gourmet level. The chocolates here are made 100% by the shop. This means cocoa beans are grinded, roasted and blended on-site. Do try Le President if you want to experience a world class chocolate cake that can only be described as being flamboyant.

Lyon Outdoor Market Shopping Opportunities

All travelers that love to shop know how great outdoor markets can be. Lyon does not disappoint. Every single Sunday you will find fashion designers, jewelers, painters, sculptors, musicians and poets headed to Marche de l’artisanat et de métiers d’art, which is located on the Saone river banks. Visit for some wonderful prints, paintings, ceramics and clothes.

If you are interested in an outdoor food market that has a great village feeling, head over to Soulful Croix-Rousse, a Lyon hillside quarter that is very popular for silk. Around 100 traders can be found there every single morning. They sell crusty bread, meats, cheese and much more. Make sure that you visit during a Tuesday though as you can also find fabrics, crafts and silk items.

The last shopping opportunity we recommend is Marche de la Creation in Vieux. It was created by Jean-Yves Loude, ethnologist and writer, back in 1979. Now it has great options for art lovers and creative looking for engravings, paintings, crafts and photography.

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