Best Luxury Resorts In India

Indian luxury resorts are characterized by royal treatment, warm ambience and highly exotic locations. They are designed to offer invigorating and relaxing experiences, allowing you to end up soaking in lavishness. India has a surprising number of luxury resorts spread all around the country, with the ones below definitely being the best choices you could make. If you know of others, make sure to let us know in the comment section.

Pondicherry – Bonjour Bonheur Ocean Spray

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The location of the luxury resort is tremendous, with 23 acres surrounding a 5 acre man-made lake. There are many high quality services offered, together with a warm staff that is multilingual. Villas and rooms overlook the water and this makes the location great for relaxation. Guests can easily enjoy a pool, an amphitheatre, a spa, wellness facility and even a discotheque. Water lovers are sure to appreciate the on-site swimming pool and the water activities that are available.

Mamallapuram – Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay

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Every person from around the world knows the Radisson hotel chain and instantly thinks about luxury when they hear the name. However, few know about the luxury resorts that are included in the chain, with the one in Mamallapuram being a great one to stay at. The sights that can be visited are charming and the aesthetics of the landscapes will make you feel as if you are royalty.

On the list of amenities included you can find a whirlpool and an outdoor swimming pool. Various highly popular beaches are present near the resort and fine dining is a reality.

Varkala – Wood House Beach Resort


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This India luxury resort is simply perfect if you look for luxury and privacy at the same time. The rooms here are wooden cottage style, offering a really world charm. Guests can enjoy the lives of the locals and enjoy all that they would expect from luxury resorts. You will easily enjoy the Ayurvedic spa and a multitude of water sports for the adventurous type. The stay is definitely memorable.

Shimla – The Oberoi Cecil


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This is a Grand Heritage Hotel, one that warmly respects Shimla colonial history. The first thing you want to know is that The Oberoi Cecil is close to 100 years old, which is quite rare in the country. You basically get an opportunity to view history in a modern setting and a surrounding area that is simply breathtaking. The most popular outdoor activities available are train rides, walk in woods and colonial heritage tours.

Kutch – Shaam-e-Sarhad Village Resort


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This is the luxury resort in India that you want to visit in the event that you want to experience Gujarati culture. We can safely say that the resort is perfect, located in quite a remote region and offering so many accommodation choices to choose from ranging from tents to mud cottages. From here you can easily go to Hodka village and meet local artisans. We recommend that you seriously consider learning as much as you can about local culture since it is different than what you would experience anywhere else around the world.

Wayanad – Vythiri Resort


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We cannot say that this is not one of the best possible luxury resorts in India. Location is perfect, right next to the jungle. You will surely love the cold breeze in the area and the views of the mountains or the waterfalls in the region. At the Vythiri Resort you can easily enjoy nature at its very best. It is enough to say that the resort is planted right in the middle of cardamom and coffee plantations to understand how great it will be to stay in the region. Choose out of various room types and enjoy one of the many different amenities designed with your comfort in mind.

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