4 of the Best Islands Across the World to Visit

There are a lot of beautiful islands in the world, and thanks to the booming tourism industry, new ones are cropping up every year. However, this list will only include the best of the best, as rated by real travelers from all across the globe. So, if you are looking for a beach holiday for your next vacation you won’t likely find a better or more luxurious experience than what the following four islands have to offer.

Maui (Hawaii)

The best and the most luxurious Hawaii resorts are all located on Maui but that’s of course not the only reason as to why the island made it onto this list. There’s just so much to do and see on the island that almost every other place in Hawaii pales in comparison. There’s the breathtaking, crescent islet of Molokini for snorkeling, the dreamlike sunrise to see at the Haleakala National Park, the black sanded beach at the Waianapanapa State Park and just so much more that this list could go on forever.

Galápagos Islands (Ecuador)

There is a total of 19 islands in the Galápagos archipelago and while they are all absolutely stunning, each of the islands do have unique appeals of their own as well. The diverse and protected wildlife on these islands is gorgeous to behold and you will actually see the sea lions, albatrosses and giant turtles go about their business quite freely on the beach and the surrounding areas, without paying any heed to the human beings around them. The more adventurous explorers describe the famous lava tunnels to almost have an unearthly feel to them, while birdwatchers are in absolute love with the variety of exotic birds that visit and nest on the islands.

Santorini (Greece)

One of the most famous Greek destinations of all time, Santorini deserves every compliment it gets and then some. If you are looking to enjoy brilliant sunsets at the warm, white beaches, eat delightful Mediterranean cuisines at the local eateries, get acquainted with the friendly locals and more or less enjoy everything that you can expect from a modern paradise island, Santorini is a no brainer.

Palawan (Philippines)

The country of Philippines itself consists of over 7,000 islands and Palawan is largely considered to be the most beautiful inhabited island of them all. There are cliffs, covered with jungles on the island, that are filled with exotic birds and unique animals. Gorgeous beaches, tiny fishing villages and some of the most beautiful natural vistas in the whole world await you in Palawan. The best time to visit the island would be between October to May, but feel free to visit after May as well, if you would like to save some money. Be warned though, it can get quite hot and humid in Philippines post May.

Honorable mentions include Boracay Island (Philippines), Hilton Head in South Carolina and the Hawaiian island of Kauai. If you are spoilt for choice, know that you can’t go wrong with any of these, so feel free to choose whatever that appeals to you the most and you can always visit the others on subsequent trips.

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