Tips To Enjoy A Wonderful Venice Carnival 2014

Most people do not even think about visiting Venice during the winter because they think the weather will be really bad. That is not something great since when you think like that, there is a pretty good possibility that you will miss the Venice Carnival. Besides the festivities, you will love Venice as it is filled with colors and various different activities you would love.


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Venice Carnival 2014 has its roots way back during the Middle Ages and nowadays it is still the most famous of all festivals held in the city. 2014 announces itself as one of the best yet and you should consider visiting between February 15th and March 4th. However, since it is a little late, make sure that you start planning right now to be able to experience the different cultures that are showcased during Venice Carnival 2014.

A Brief History Of The Venice Carnival

Every single year the Venice Carnival is held 2 weeks before what is known as Ash Wednesday. It ends on the Martedi Grasso, right before Ash Wednesday. Nowadays the festival is famous all around the world. It is a pre-lent festival and it is basically celebrated all around the country. However, most tourists want to go to Venice because of the celebrations.

The first ever Venice Carnival was held in the eleventh century. It was made out of 2 months of celebrations. The decline happened in the eighteenth century. We say the revival of the festival in 1979. Nowadays it is quite a perfect excuse to wear a costume and a mask, parade and then enjoy live music in various city squares.


Mask for the carnival in Venice
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Tips To Help You Enjoy Venice Carnival 2014

Plan Ahead

It is the right time to book a hotel. There are various different opportunities and you will surely find something that you enjoy. However, the charges are quite higher during the Carnevale season.

Early Evening Is Great For Entertainment

This is something that most people do not understand. The Venice Carnival 2014 will be wonderful the entire day but what counts the most is the evening since that is where a lot of public entertainment appears.


Collage of Colour - Carnival in Venice
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Wear Costumes

In order to properly experience the Venice Carnival, you need to get in the atmosphere. There are people that wear really elaborate masks and costumes all around the city. Buy a cheap mask while you are in the city and you will enjoy everything more.

Piazza San Marco Is Where You Need To Be

The main events are always centered right round the piazza. That is definitely where you want to be. However, it is also a good idea to participate in the numerous events that are held in the Sestiere regions. Fireworks will be featured in San Marco and they can easily be seen everywhere.


Piazza San Marco
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Masked Balls Held In Hotels

There are many different smaller masked balls that are held in high-end hotels. If you want to book a stay at one of these hotels, it is a very good idea to experience the more private event. There is even the possibility of having someone make you a great costume. The only problem is that attendance at such an event is quite expensive. Get ready to spend around 500 Euro for this all inclusive experience.

Consider The Period Before The Venice Carnival 2014

If you are short on cash, you do not need to go to the festival when it is held. You can also visit before the official date or even after it. The packages would be cheaper and there is a huge possibility that you can get involved in some great activities. There is always entertainment available and you can even avoid the big crowds while saving money.

Check The Weather Before You Go

Remember that The Venice Carnival is held during the winter. The weather may be rainy or cold. It is important that you pack accordingly.

The water streets of Venice
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Safety Does Count

While there are not many incidents that happen during the Venice Carnival, it is still a good idea to be careful. Talk to the hotel clerks to learn more about the safe areas of the city. You will surely want to wonder around. Also, it is a good idea to have a photocopy of your documents with you. The police will not have a problem with that. If you have expensive gadgets with you, make sure that you keep your eyes open at all times.

Saving Money Is Possible

We see a lot of people that do not want to attend Venice Carnival 2014 because of prices. It is true that many of the events are expensive but this is something that can be avoided if you plan ahead. For instance, if you want to go on a gondola ride, it is better to avoid the main routes. That will save you a lot of money. Also, buying paninis from street vendors is way cheaper than dining in restaurants.

Book Transportation In Advance

It is quite interesting to notice the fact that most people do not know this. We are talking about a festival where thousands of tourists come. It is obvious that you have to book transportation ahead of time since you will most likely not find anything when you are there. This is especially important if you want to then visit another part of the country since Italians also go to Venice for the carnival.

Have A Great Venice Carnival 2014


Costume for Venice Carnival
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You need to realize that it is a little late now for proper planning of a trip to the Venice Carnival. However, there are still many opportunities that are available for you. Start looking for something that fits well within your budget and that you would love right now. This is basically the best thing that you can do. Seriously consider the alternatives that are available. You can enjoy the festival a lot more than you could have if you would simply attend one or two big events.

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