The top travel destinations in Greece

Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe with its warm climate, a fascinating mainland, long coasts and hundreds of islands.  The visit to Greece can be divided into the Mediterranean coasts, the mountain regions and the rest of the country with its islands. Greece is a cradle of European culture – with a wealth of historical monuments, archaeological sites and an amazing natural splendour.


The best destinations in Greece

Athens – offers fascinating historical sights, natural splendour and an amazing night life experience.   In Athens one can visit three Museums (Acropolis Museum, Museum of Cycladic Art and the Byzantine Museum), the Corinth, the National Gallery, the garden of Zappion, the famous church of St Paul, the Parliament, the Syntagma Square, Tomb of the Unknown Solider and the Catholic Cathedral.  One must tour the Nymea Winery and also do an evening tour of Sounion to enjoy the sunset. The Athens visit is complete only after experiencing the fantastic nightlife.


Athens, Acropolis
By Arian Zwegers under CC BY 2.0


Delphi – In the foothills of the Parnassos is thought the very centre of the Earth, the Omphalos, or the navel of the world; this was a sacred site devoted to Apollo and has museums, temples, shrines, a stadium, an amphitheatre and sacred rocks and springs.


Other classical sites in Greece include :

  • Mycenae and Tiryns – are two prime sites with magnificent remains of the Mycenaean castles and monuments with frescos and unique walls scriptures.
  • Epidavros – a vast complex from the classical period, devoted to the demigod of health – Asclepios. This is also an ancient healing centre with its fragrant pine grove, temples, dormitories, gymnasiums, and a huge amphitheatre with astounding acoustics. Even today, the place has a healing atmosphere around it.
  • Olympia – the location of the ancient Games gives an excellent insight into the importance of sports in ancient Greece.
  • Mystras – a ghost city on the mountainside was once the capital of the Byzantine rulers of Greece in the 12th century AD and has outstanding frescos.
  • Meteora – is a stunning location and a cultural attraction. The pillar structures are made of  natural sandstone


Meteora, Greece
By Elisa Triolo under CC BY-SA 2.0


The Islands of Greece offer beautiful landscapes, sea views, beaches and historical sights:

  • Crete – Is a large island with wonderful landscapes, good beaches and an interesting mountainous interior, It also contains the famous Samaria Gorge.
  • Santorini (Thira) – Is considered the best of all of Greek islands and showcases a unique topography, an extinct volcano and the blinding white Cycladic architecture with prehistoric art forms. It also has an excavation site at Akrotiri.
  • Delos – Is a small ancient island that showcases the cult of Apollo.
  • Rhodes – Has the best castles in the whole of Greece.
  • Other islands in Greece– Samos, Thassos, Patmos, Mykonos have beauty, history and shopping experiences. The most interesting sights include: Morosini Fountain, St. Mark`s Church, the Venetian Fortress, the Loggia, St. Minas Church, the Archaeological Museum and the splendid art treasures of Heraklion.
  • One can take a cruise to the nearby islands of Aegina (famous for its pistachios), or to Hydra and Paros which are beautiful mountain stretches with winding roads and unforgettable views of the sea.

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Greece is a dreamland, waiting to be explored, suitable for all ages. There is a lot of entertainment for kids and family at Water Parks, Beaches, Yacht Tours and safari.

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