The Best Five-Star Resorts in the Caribbean Islands

There are so many great overseas resorts in the Caribbean that there are no truly bad choices you can make. If you are looking for the very best resorts in the Caribbean Sea, however, there are three that stand out above all of the pack. Whether you are going it alone or need to bring young kids along, these can meet any of your needs for a great vacation.


Hyatt Regency


Known for their hotels and resorts around the world, it should be no surprise that Hyatt has one of the best resorts available in the Caribbean where millions of people come to visit each year. Advertising their white beaches that look like sugar and their proximity to the clear blue waters of the sea, the Hyatt has plenty to offer for any tourist and any size vacation. Their Zola spa lets you lay about in pools, get mineral rubs, take mud baths, and rejuvenate and relax with various treatments. The resort has its own golf course, the Tierra del Sol, the only eighteen hole course in the entire area of Aruba. If you want to book a scuba diving trip to explore shipwrecks and coral reefs, you need only book with the concierge.


By Gail Frederick
By Gail Frederick under CC BY 2.0 license


Caneel Bay


Located in the US Virgin Islands, this is a great choice not only for the resort’s features but also because the island and its inhabitants speak English and use American currency. The Caneel Bay resort is located in proximity to the Virgin Islands National Park, founded by Laurance Rockefeller, and featuring access to no less than seven different beaches. With enough space for hundreds of visitors — the entire resort boasts one hundred and seventy acres of space — you can get anything from an inexpensive room to an entire villa for your vacation. Instead of the glitz and glamor of many contemporary resorts, this is an old-school resort that has amenities without distractions.

By Brian & Jaclyn Drum under CC BY 2.0 license
By Brian & Jaclyn Drum under CC BY 2.0 license


Parrot Cay

Having won many awards for its luxury beaches, Parrot Cay is its own private island and has over one thousand acres along with beaches that span several miles. You can get away from civilization and onto the most isolated parts of the Caribbean by visiting Parrot Cay. With suits and beach villas, the resort has diving classes, excellent dining, yoga classes, and spa therapy. This is one of the best resorts for adults, but there is lots to do for kids, including free of charge meals.


What Will You Need?

Three particular things are most important if you are going to travel to overseas resorts.

-Travel Visa
-Spending money
-Digital camera

A passport or travel visa is most important, since you will need it to get to overseas resorts. You can hire a Canadian immigration lawyer to assist with your visa application. Spending money is always valuable, since although you will not need to pay once you have booked a resort, you will want to purchase gifts and mementos from the small local shops. Finally, you want to bring along a digital camera that has the ability to take dozens or even hundreds of pictures so that you will never forget the trip.

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