The Best Festivals in Dubrovnik Croatia

Dubrovnik’s breathtaking baroque architecture serves as the perfect stage for theatre, dance and music performances. Its site-specific programming policy marries tradition with modernity – connecting local, national and international creativity in one cohesive framework.

Experience sunrise sets at Ultra Europe – a premier EDM festival – or discover underground sounds at Dimensions festival; plus don’t miss the after parties for even more late night fun!

1. St. Blaise Festival

Since over 1,000 years ago, Dubrovnik has celebrated Saint Blaise on February 3 with a grand procession featuring clergy, relics, locals dressed in traditional costume and the Trombunjeri brass band – making this truly unforgettable festival an Intangible Cultural Heritage Site since 2009. The festival has since been added to UNESCO’s List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

On Our Lady of Candlemas (Croatian: Festa svetog Vlaha), white doves representing freedom and peace are released in front of St Blaise Church on Dubrovnik’s famed Stradun. Relics from Saint Blaise such as his head, piece of bone from his throat, left and right hands will then be paraded through Dubrovnik with great ceremony under colorful banners in reliquaries along its streets with great ceremony.

As soon as the relics arrive at St Blaise Church, priests perform a throat blessing ceremony as an act of gratitude for Saint Blaise’s miraculous protection of Dubrovnik. Additionally, this festival features concerts, recitals, exhibitions and book presentations; not to mention religious services! This festival gives Dubrovnikers an amazing chance to experience first-hand its close bond between itself and its patron Saint – statues and images look down upon us from ancient walls and entrance gates while his arm enfolds our city with care on his palm!

On festival day, an additional humanitarian tombola takes place: children throw bitter oranges at an announcer stationed at the doorway next to the church bell tower for him or her to collect and use in an entertaining tradition – it is thoroughly enjoyable by all involved! For more information about St. Blaise Festival visit this website (this event is free, though donations are always welcomed).

2. FestiWine

FestiWine festival, held annually in Dubrovnik Croatia, showcases local winemakers of Dubrovnik-Neretva County. Restaurants will offer special festival menus and wine pairings at participating establishments; workshops on how to prepare Dubrovnik delicacies will also take place, making this popular among residents as well as visitors alike.

Dubrovnik Winter Festival offers a festive atmosphere throughout winter months, with concerts, gastro events, children’s activities and more. If you want an adrenaline rush sign up for Run The Wall challenge and run along city walls; otherwise take part in Half Marathon race and charity race events for something different altogether!

Lindo Folklore Ensemble puts on thrilling dance shows around town each May, while October sees foodies enjoy the Good Food Festival which has attracted locals as well as tourists for 10 years now.

February is carnival month across Europe, and celebrations around St Blaise – Dubrovnik’s patron saint who has been recognized by UNESCO – as cultural heritage are held. Parades featuring colourful costumed groups prowling the streets can be found promoting St Blaise with processions through town.

Sibenik Carnival honors local traditions by mixing traditional dance and theatre performances with more modern forms such as masked balls and extravagant costumes, while Rijeka Carnival specializes in masquerade balls with masks worn over face and costumes of any hue and design. Additionally, music enthusiasts should visit Split for Ultra Europe Festival which brings DJs from across Europe together in one pulsating arena of beats and rhythms in Poljud Stadium.

3. Aklapela Fest

Summer in Dubrovnik offers more than just swimming and sunbathing: its picturesque streets become live stages for opera, theatre performances, classical music concerts and much more.

Dubrovnik Musical Spring offers classical music enthusiasts an ideal selection of concerts to attend. Dancers and theatre-goers will also appreciate performances at Rector’s Palace. On a more sporting note, join Ston Wall Marathon (one of Europe’s toughest races) or watch some barefoot footwork during Moreska Sword Dance Festival on Korcula for some challenging racing action!

If you love cheese, don’t miss Pag Island’s annual Cheese Feast. Featuring wine and olive oils from surrounding regions as well as famous Pag cheese varieties, its main focus will be the delectable local Pag paki cheese!

Aklapela Fest (a play on words between acapella and klapa) provides an opportunity to experience traditional Croatian singing that’s unaccompanied by instruments, listed by UNESCO on their Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Experience an art form from before modernization or amplifiers!

Burger Fest offers the perfect cultural dining experience in June each year. Here you can sample an extensive variety of meat, veggie and vegan offerings as well as drinks and DJ sets. Other noteworthy events include Trogir Summer of Culture’s music performances, theatre productions and exhibitions; New Europe Market for TV professionals; and Ston Wall Marathon, one of the toughest races you will ever undertake as it involves running up steep walls of this fjord town.

4. Winter Festival

The Pearl of the Adriatic comes alive during its winter festival. From concerts and performances, to workshops, tours, and delicious culinary offerings – it’s not to be missed! This festival runs from 19 November until 1 March 2019.

Dubrovnik hosts an extraordinary celebration that showcases Croatia’s top entertainers as they stroll the streets of Dubrovnik. Listen to a busker playing sweet-sounding songs or witness a magician dazzling everyone before taking part in a mask making workshop or attending one of their performances on New Year’s Eve at Stradun. Finally, catch fireworks over Stradun on New Year’s Eve as the grand finale!

Holy Week in Dubrovnik is more of a religious procession than a festival per se, yet should still be experienced as part of your itinerary. Held each year and featuring dramatic plays such as Goldoni’s Fishermen’s Quarrels at Dubrovnik Harbour; Renaissance comedies on Dubrovnik Squares; Goethe’s Iphigenia on Fort Lovrijenac and Vojnovic’s Trilogy of Dubrovnik at Rector’s Palace and Sponza Palace

At an exceptional value, this event provides a fantastic opportunity to see Croatia’s leading artists up close at an unbeatably affordable price. Headliners this year include Queen Sensation’s legendary hits coming straight from their namesake musical group; so make sure you purchase tickets early if Queen Sensation is your musical group of choice!

5. New Year’s Eve

Dubrovnik celebrates New Year’s Eve as an extravagant festival with locals flocking to its Old Town for an outdoor party that spans 24 hours and features music, performers, fritters, dried figs carob almonds champagne and other delicacies to keep everyone fed and hydrated throughout the evening.

Starting early, local klapa and brass bands open the event on Stradun’s main street before Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra performs their annual free concert showcasing some of Croatia’s best traditional music.

Winter Festival brings concerts to various locations throughout the city, while families are accommodated through kids programs like train rides to Lazareti’s North Pole Station or Uvala’s Colorful Winter program with its ice rink and fun activities.

Parni Valjak’s traditional sword dance at this event was an unforgettable highlight, recreating an ancient story from Korcula that commemorated the struggle between good and evil – an event now preserved on UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage that left audiences speechless with emotions running high.

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