Scenic Routes In Texas For Summer Road Trips

Driving in Texas is a unique experience that opens the door to many scenic routes with majestic mountains, flowing rivers, untouched land and old trees. If you want to explore the scenic routes in Texas we listed below, we highly recommend to plan your road trip during summer time when they are particularly magnificent. Also, be prepared to make stops along the way to explore the land by foot since we are sure you won’t be able to resist the temptation.

Texas 21 Highway

If you want to drive, admire scenic views and learn history, you should add Texas 21 on your road trips list. This highway was used by Native Americans and Spanish missionaries during 1700s. We also recommend exploring the El Camino Real trail if you want to take a break from driving and explore the surroundings on foot.

Willow City Loop

Summer transforms Willow City Loop into a mesmerizing road with vibrant wildflower on the side and unforgettable landscapes. However, Willow City Loop is also gorgeous during spring so if you don’t have time for a road trip during summer, spring will offer you an equally amazing experience.

Bandera To Medina Drive

Those who want to explore the mountain scenery of Texas should start their road trip in Bandera then follow highway 470 that in Concan becomes highway 43, then drive from Leakey towards Medina. This seems a little bit complicated but if you follow the green mountains you will find your way. Besides the mesmerizing green mountains that you will be able to see during summer and that are so rare in Texas, you will also discover the famous high rock faces from Leakey.

Lonesome Highway

If you prefer to drive without too many signs of civilization not being surrounded by other cars, the Lonesome Highway is the route for you. The road leads to the Guadalupe Mountains, a place with scenic views and untouched nature that are perfect for a day of relaxation and recharging batteries.

Davis Mountains Loop

Davis Mountains State Park is a beautiful, historic park you can explore by foot, hiking, trekking or biking. You can also admire the birds and the mesmerizing landscapes. When you are tired of walking around, get in your car and explore the scenic loop drive that starts and end in Fort Davis.

FM 170

FM 170 is also known as “River Road” since it is parallel to Rio Grande, a river that begins in central Colorado and flows into the Gulf of Mexico. If you want to have Rio Grande as your guide through the majestic mountains full of twists and turn, start your drive in Lajitas and end it in Presidio.

Highway 207

Driving on highway 207 will lead you to the magnificent red rocks of Palo Duro Canyon, the second largest canyon in the United States. You can drive through the canyon and admire the views but for the best experience we recommend starting your road trip on highway 2017 at FM 284 and follow the road to the Palo Duro Canyon State Park.

Highway 16

If you really love driving on the scenic routes in Texas, highway 16 is probably the best road trip option for you since it is one of the longest highways in the state. While driving on highway 16 you will be able to admire the rolling hills situated in Central Texas, numerous plant species and beautiful bodies of water.

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