New for your Bucket List: Go Sailing in the Eastern Med

When people list the places they simply must see before they die, they often focus on major landmarks. And yes of course the Eiffel Tower, Great Wall of China and Taj Mahal have to be seen to be believed. Make no mistake; these are iconic world heritage sites that really represent mankind’s long and varied history.

But sometimes visiting the world’s lesser known places is what creates the most impact on our lives. It’s the actual ‘experience’ of touring a certain region that really exposes you to the essence of the culture and allows you to take the time to observe it’s natural beauty.

An Unforgettable Journey

Sailing in the Eastern Med
By Patrick Nouhailler under CC BY-SA 2.0

We recommend adding Sailing in the Eastern Mediterranean to your bucket list. There’s something about cruising through these crystalline waters that is unforgettably amazing. Country’s like Turkey, Greece and Croatia have this incredible mix of ancient lands, vibrant cultures and breath-taking views. The best way to really make the most of the trip is to go by boat.

Spending a week (or longer if you like!) out on the open seas is an experience in and of itself. The ocean is known for its relaxing and curative properties, and doctors have been sending patients to the Eastern Med for centuries.

Here you can wake up to a beautiful morning sunrise with cool breeze, and expect golden sunshine throughout the day. The area has some of the best microclimates in the world.

Why to Go sailing in the Eastern Mediterranean

In terms of sailing conditions, you’ll find easy winds and short passages between islands, making it simple to spend part of the day out at sea and the rest swimming and exploring charming villages on land. Because the region is so accustomed to boating, it has become a hot spot for this type of holiday. Almost every harbour and marina will provide comfortable facilities for stocking up on provisions and enjoying a local meal.

The best, or at least most well-known, places for sailing in the Eastern Mediterranean are Turkey, Greece and Croatia. Each offers beautiful weather, easy sailing conditions and of course historic sites to see, making each an excellent recommendation on its own. You can check flights from your home city and be assured that whichever you choose will make for a memorable sailing holiday.

How to Sail the Eastern Med

In terms of how to go about it, if you have sailing experience or can enlist the help of a friend, a bareboat charter offers you complete privacy and independence. Here you’ll be able to determine your own itinerary and time frame.

If you don’t have sailing experience but would still like to take out your own boat, you may be able to hire a powerboat. These require less experience and travel a bit faster. Other options include a crewed yacht charter (lovely and luxurious) or a cabin charter on a larger yacht.

Whichever you choose, there is simply no way to explain in words how seeing the beauty of the Easter Mediterranean by boat will touch your soul. This is a must for any traveller’s bucket list.

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