Are you following the safety guide during your holiday?

So are you planning the first trip with your children? Are you making a wish list to keep you and your family happy?  However, besides the fun, there are a few important factors which you should always remember before you make plan a tripto your favourite destination. Reading this blog post will guide to survive your holidays to make it the most memorable journey of your life.


The safety rules:

No matter how renowned the hotel you have booked in, it is worth to have a quick look round the hotel as soon as you arrive. After all, what’s friendly for one may not be friendly for others?  For instance, if the hotel is not neat and clean, it is of course not hygienic especially when you are travelling with your children. As the toddlers usually have the habit to poke their hands everywhere. Besides, do you check the room’s door and the window lock? Is it safe enough for your children?  Well, if you have forgotten about it, make sure that you look into these matters. Check the locks on the doors and windows so that your children do not wander off into the pool the moment you turn your back from them.


The activities and the outings:

Plan your outing properly. Do not keep too much of activities in a day. If you plan to go for a walk,choose a road where the scenery will change often and plan it to end with something less boring such as a train ride or a visit to a children’s park. When you decide on the destination, does a research work on which are the places you must visit. For instance, if you plan your holidays in Jersey, jersey has numerous places which cannot be excluded from your list. However, you can select a few of them which cannot be ignored at all. It is also important to divide the activities of yours and your child. It may be that your children will not enjoy something that you like. Therefore, plan the outing in such a way that all the members travelling with you can enjoy the holiday.


The holiday food:

Keeping yourself and your family fit during the holiday is a big concern. The foremost important thing is check what you eat. Do not always get tempted to junk foods or high saturated foods. They can easily make you fall ill and (I am sure), you do not want to spoil your holiday.  If your child is fed through feeding bottle, do not forget to carry the stuff associated with it such as the plug adapter, the sterilising materials and the formula bottles.Managing the toddlers on holidays can be challenging when you are not in charge of the kitchen.


The holiday health:

Do not forget to carry the first-aid box, especially if your children are involved in the trip. If you and your family are under medication for some reason, always carry those medicines. However, it is important to keep those medicines out of reach from the children.

Most importantly, make the holiday a financially enjoyable one not only for you but also for your family.

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