The Most Remote Boutique Hotels On The Planet

As the world becomes more difficult to become disconnected from the world, an increasing number of people are in search of a holiday adventure to get away from it all. These are the most isolated hotels in the world to meet such demands and desires. We suggest  you five remote hotels in four different continents.


Five of the most luxury remote hotels on the earth:


Isolated hotels in Australia:


The Bloomfield Lodge

The Bloomfield Lodge is an remote luxury eco-friendly hotel in the outer region of North Queensland, Australia. This remote hotel is located in the Daintree Rainforest. The start of this Australian adventure begins on the journey to the hotel. Guests must take a private plane, drive through the outback and travel by river to arrive at their isolated destination. Upon arrival, people will be able to swim under waterfalls, explore the rainforest and easily travel to the Great Barrier Reef.

The Bloomfield Lodge as one of the remote hotels
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Longitude 131

Longitude 131° is located in the Northern Territory with stunning views of the sunrise over Ayers Rock. Guests will also be able to explore the isolated region on a number of excursions by a Harley motorcycle, helicopter or even a camel. This hotel is also eco friendly.

Remote hotels in South America:


Posada de Mike Rapu

Posada de Mike Rapu is located on the most isolated island in the world. Easter Island is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean outside of Chile. Despite the remoteness of this island, the hotel is a luxury eco-friendly hotel with all the amenities of other luxury resorts such as a pool, bar and jacuzzis.


Easter Island
By Nicolas de Camaret under CC BY 2.0


The Andean Cottage 

The Andean Cottage in Peru is isolated and private. This hotel is a nearly 5-hour speedboat ride across Lake Titicaca where the presence of televisions, automobiles and electricity are all absent. Guests will be privy to a butler at all times and a private beach.


Isolated hotels in North America:


Winterlake Hotel

Winterlake Hotel in Winterlake, Alaska, is only able to be reached by plane. They accept guests all year long and guests will enjoy a number of activities from kayaking, fishing, participating in yoga and hiking.


Kokopelli’s Cave and  Jules Undersea Lodge

Kokopelli’s Cave in Farmington, New Mexico, and Jules Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Florida, are both located beneath the surface of the earth. At Kokopelli’s Cave, guests reside 70-feet below ground in cave dwellings; whereas, guests of Jules Undersea Lodge actually scuba dive to reach their temporary residence.


Remote hotels in Asia:


The Beach House at Manafaru

The Beach House at Manafaru, Maldives, is one of the most exclusive remote hotels in the world. The luxurious bungalows are located over the gorgeous turquoise waters. Guests are able to dine in a number of top restaurants and explore miles of white sandy beaches without interruption. This hotel also offers spa treatments, an art gallery and infinity pools for guests to experience a completely relaxing holiday.

Motu Tetraire

For the ultimate isolation, head to Motu Tetraire, Tahiti, in French Polynesia where guests are residence of a private island getaway. The residence provides a private chef and the surrounding islands provide ample activities for all such as snorkeling around the reefs and lobster fishing.

These remote hotels offer luxury, isolation and relaxation. Regardless of which part of the world one wishes to explore, an isolated destination is within reach.

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