Paros, Greece; for family adventures

When it comes to Greek Islands, the Cyclades are probably the most famous. This handful of islands includes the likes of Mykonos and Santorini, but there are others that fly under the radar but are just as beautiful. Paros is known amongst Greeks for its unique beauty, gorgeous beaches, crystal clear waters and big family welcome.


Paros, Greece
By Stephanie Watson under CC BY-SA 2.0


Best beaches

The Aegean Sea that laps the edges of Paros Island creates the best beaches. It’s a naturally protected archipelago, with calm waters and sandy shores, which make it great for children to swim in safely. Piso Livadi and Santa Maria beaches are ideal for families, they are well organized, have lots of shade, and plenty of tavernas and shops. For windsurfing New Golden Beach is the obvious choice and if you want to strip off may we quietly suggest Kolumpithres?


Here comes the entertainment

Paros offers lots of historical, sightseeing and outdoor activities for the whole family. Horse riding on the beach is the perfect blend of fun and sightseeing. The Aqua Paros Water Park in Agios Ioannis is more traditional fun. Set on 20 acres, it has its own beach, water slides and lazy river. The island’s capital Parikia is a lovely harbour town, with typical white washed houses, small winding streets and a 13th century Venetian Castle, while the nearby Church of Ekatontapiliani (church of 100 gates) is one of the most important Byzantine sites around Greece.


Naoussa, Paros, Greece
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See your neighbours

The tiny little brother island of Paros is Antiparos. About ten minutes away by ferry from Punta or 30 minutes from Parikia, it is well worth a day-trip. A well-kept secret amongst Greeks who can while away whole summers on this tiny island, featuring excellent, sandy beaches and a historic cave in the centre of the island which is said to have housed Lord Byron for a time, as well as a lovely little port town filled with restaurants. Alternatively, take a ferry from Piso Livadi to one of the other Cycladic islands, such as Mykonos or Santorini.


Where to stay in Paros

In Paros accommodation depends on your nightlife. If you want to have really fun at nights then choose to stay in Naoussa where the life at night is. Enjoy at bars and restaurants of Barbarossa “spot” or drink till morning hours at clubs and return safe at your room. On the other hand if you want to relax with your family then choose some quieter areas of the island to rest yourselves with your children and have a peaceful time.

The Aloni Paros Hotel is right on the beach at Piso Livadi and is really focused on family holidays. Its pool offer you relaxed and fun moments while you can relax by the pool enjoying your drink or coffee keeping an eye to your children.


Parikia, Paros
By ethan lindsey under CC BY 2.0


Indulge your palate

From gourmet to street food souvlaki, Paros offers incredible variety in terms of food, not to mention its reputation for fresh seafood. Try Mediterraneo restaurant at port of Naoussa, or Damianos, one of the most famous fish tavernas on the island, taste the fried zucchini balls with yoghurt and mint leaves; it will leave you speechless.

Another delicacy not to be missed during your visit in Paros is freshly caught squid stuffed with rice or porridge that perfectly accompany a glass of souma, a local kind of pomace brandy, or some mouthwatering Paros wine. And don’t you leave the place without buying a packet of homemade pasta!

By Zoe Mouchritsa

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