Most Impressive luxury hotels in Norway

Everybody is in dreams when they start their travel to their desired destination. Any tour is enjoyed if the accommodation is good and their stay during their tour is pleasant. To make your travel an enjoyable one, you must book your hotels in advance so your stay during the travel is ensured and you don’t have to book the hotels once you reached the destination.

Norway is one dream destination that travelers around the world would like to visit.  So, before you plan your next travel to Norway, here is the list of the most impressive luxury hotels in Norway.

The Grand Hotel

The Grand Hotel is located in Oslo, Norway. This hotel was opened in 1874, This is one of the well-known hotels in Oslo. The Grand Hotel at Oslo is considered a prestigious hotel, so the next time if you plan to stay in Oslo, the luxury hotel available in Oslo is The Grand Hotel.

The Thief

The Thief Hotel is a super modern luxury hotel in Oslo. The Thief is also one of the popular luxury hotels in Oslo. Most of the influencers and celebrities prefer their stay at this luxury hotel.

Camillas Hus

Another popular hotel in Oslo is the Camillas Hus, this hotel was built in the year 1845 near Royal place. Camilla Collett, a famous novelist from Norway preferred to stay at this hotel frequently.

This luxury hotel is very popular for its period theme with luxury. This hotel is considered as the most unique luxury hostel in Oslo. It’s worth to stay this hotel for its unique style incorporating Norwegian history and culture into their hotel design.


WonderIn is another luxury hotel located in the outer region of Oslo, just about half an hour traveling time from Oslo. WonderInn is very popular amongst Instagram celebrities from Norway. This hotels’ glass cabins provide a spectacular view of nature outside, at the same time, maintaining the privacy of the guests inside. The wood-fired hot tub is also available in this luxury hotel.

Det Hanseatiske Hotel

This luxury hostel is housed in Bryggen building which is built in the 16th century, the most popular building of Bergen. The unique design of bookshelves, artwork, deep bathtubs is very famous in this luxury hotel.

You will have a real cultural experience if you stay in this popular luxury hotel in Bergen.

Fretheim Hotel

The Fretheim Hotel is located near the Visitor’s Center in Flam. This luxury hotel is a beautifully decorated one with luxurious rooms. The railway station is very neary by to Fretheim Hote. and Ferry Port is reachable from here with a 5-minute walk. Fretheim Hotel is always fully booked in summer.

Kviknes Hotel in Balestrand

This impressive 18th-century luxury hotel is located right on the water, It has both a modern luxury wing and a historic luxury wing with a lot of art and antiques. The views of Sognefjord are from this hotel are amazing. You’ll enjoy the best breakfasts in Norway at this luxury hotel.

The Kviknes Hotel is very popular for its stunning location and conveniently located in central Balestrand at walking distance from the beach, shopping area, and caféteria area.

Hotel Union Øye

The Hotel Union Øye is located at the center place of Norway’s amazing Sunnmøre Alps and it is the endpoint of Norangsfjord which is Norway’s most amazing fjord.

This luxury hotel was built in 1891 and it is the favorite luxury hotel for the royals, famous writers, and artists. The rooms at the Union Oye hotel have been named after their famous guests.

Your stay at this luxury hotel gives a feeling that you are staying in a Museum!

Hotel Union Geiranger

The luxury Hotel Union Geiranger rebuilt in 1979 and it looks different from the Hotel Union but looks equally stunning. This luxury hotel is famous for its Spa, Sauna, and swimming pools inside and outside the hotel.

Hjelle Hotel

The Hjelle Hotel is yet another historic luxury hotel in Norway, built in 1896, the most amazing turquoise Oppstrynsvatnet lake view is incredible from this hotel. There’s a white sand beach available nearby this luxury hotel.

Walaker Hotel

Walaker Hotel – the oldest hotel in Norway, running since 1640! with its historic roots with amazing antique furniture and incredible old-world decor, it maintains the modern comforts. This luxury hotel is located in the beautiful quiet village of Svolvorn near the beach.

Britannia Hotel in Trondheim

This luxury hotel is in business since 1870, the Britannia Hotel is preferred by the guests including royals families from Norway, some royals from the UK, and the US. The Britannia hotel was completely renovated in 2019, now the interior is very impressive.  The breakfast and the breakfast room are very famous here for the taste of break fast and the beauty of the breakfast room.

Lovund Hotel

This luxury hotel is located in Helgeland, Norway.

Lovund Hotel is built on the water, people love the views over Lovund and the neighboring islands. You will stay at this hotel for a week for the views alone!. The restaurant is very famous in Lovund hotel.

Arctic Dome in Narvik

You must choose Arctic Domes for your stay for the view of the northern lights. The Arctic Dome in Narvik is located on a side of a mountain, gives you some incredible views. It is amazing to view in summer or winter.

Nusfjord Arctic Resort

This luxury hotel is located at Nusfjord – the cutest village of Lofoten Islands. The beautiful cabins on the water, outdoor spa, and natural outdoor shower are famous here.

Wolf Lodge

Wolf Lodge is located at the enclosure of Polar Park. You can watch wolves come and knock on your window at this beautiful luxury hotel.

Norwegian Wild in Senja

The luxury hotel Norwegian Wild is located on the seaside offers different accommodation options, like a year-round stay in little cabins. The interior beautiful interior attracts many guests regularly.

Sommarøy Arctic Hotel

This luxury hotel is located on the island of Sommarøy,  a favorite nature getaway of Norway. The nature views from the hotel are stunning and the water is so turquoise. Sommarøy Arctic luxury hotel offers different accommodation options.

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