Incredible Places You Want To Visit In Africa

When most people think about Africa, they picture incredible landscapes and diverse nature. It is easy to understand why since we are talking about the home of incredible human-made and natural sites. Visitors are often enchanted and keep coming back.

While there are countless places that can be visited in Africa, many stand out as simply incredible. Those mentioned below are definitely in that category.

Tanzania – The Great Migration

The Great MigrationKenya and Tanzania’s The Great Migration is an incredible natural spectacle that will surely astound you. You can experience this at any time of the year. It is an annual movement that features countless wildebeest, gazelles and zebras. All the animals look for water and food.

The Great Migration covers around 500 miles and stands out as unique around the world because it is the largest of the world’s overland migration. Animals start their journey in January in the Ngorongoro Reserve in Tanzania. In Masai Mara (Kenya), everything stops around the month of September. Then, the cycle is practically restarted.

Morocco – Dejmaa el Fna

Dejmaa el FnaLocals and numerous tourists alike consider Dejmaa el Fna as being the world’s most exciting and interesting town square. It is in Marrakech and can be described as being an adventure. How many markets do you know that can be described like this?

Dejmaa el Fna offers an African experience that respects the old customs and traditions of the country. You can see snake charmers, musical performers, comedy acts and acrobats, among many others. Tourists can easily find storytellers, orange juice vendors, date-sellers, henna tattoo artists and so much more.

South Africa – Riemvasmaak Hot Springs

Riemvasmaak Hot SpringsIn South Africa’s Northern Cape Region, 35 miles away from Kakamas, you can find a really stunning wilderness area that is born from violent volcanic activity. It took millions of years for this unparalleled natural beauty to be created.

In addition to beauty, Riemvasmaak Hot Springs has a spiritual connection with locals. This is where they go to relax, close to granite cliffs that are 50 feet tall. You can enjoy countless activities like hiking, black eagle watching and 4×4 driving. After your adventurous activities, just relax in the hot springs as you look at the African sky filled with skies.

Namibia – Sossusvlei

SossusvleiSossusvlei means “dead-end marsh” and is a region in the country that is filled with colorful nature. It can easily be featured in movies, made out of claypan, dry lake, red sand dunes and orange sand dunes. In fact, these sand dunes are the highest in the entire world.

You want to visit simply to take a look at the sands and the contrast that is formed between the dunes. Then, when the river floods, everything is even more interesting and attractive for everyone.

Uganda – Lake Bunyonyi

Lake BunyonyiLake Bunyonyi draws in visitors from all the corners of the world. The atmosphere here is surreal and mystical, with the lake being the second in Africa when categorizing by depth. There are also many islands that are very interesting.

You can easily explore this lake in order to experience a tranquility like no other. Tours appear through every week of the year due to moderate temperatures present.

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