How To Have A Great Time When Visiting The San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo stands out as a highly popular travel attraction because of the fact that it is among the largest in the world. You will want to be sure that you know the facts mentioned below about visiting because of the fact that there will definitely be many that will want to do the same thing. If you want to visit as much as you can during your trip to the San Diego Zoo, remember the following.

san diego zoo

Working Hours

Make sure that you always look at the daily hours on the zoo website before you leave. This will help you to properly plan what you will do. What many do not know is that hours can vary a lot from one season to the next. As a simple example, during fall, the zoo normally closes at around 5 PM. If you want to experience as much as possible, you will want to give yourself at least 4 hours for exhibit visits. You want to arrive early and during early hours it is possible to view many exquisite animals.

Check The Weather

The great thing about the San Diego weather is that it is quite beautiful. Even so, there are days that are rainy. This is a zoo that does operate even when it rains and you can have a great time even then. Animals normally love the rain and the great thing about rain is that it normally keeps crowds away. You will want to focus on visits during hot weather but a great thing is to learn all that you can about the animals on display. Based on what animals you want to see, you want to seriously consider checking the weather.

Walking Tours

San Diego Zoo covers an area of 100 acres. Many paths are steep. We are talking about a park that offers daily strollers, electric scooters and even wheelchairs to help you cover the distance better. Make sure that you are ready for walking. You need walking shoes that are comfortable.

Transportation Options

If you do not want to walk while you visit the San Diego Zoo, you can opt for a guided bus tour. This lasts for around 35 minutes and offers a great zoo overview. Express busses are normally helpful as you can visit different areas. There is also the Akyfari aerial tram. It makes it easier to eliminate some walking from the tour.

Special Exhibits And Shows

San Diego Zoo is famous for its great special exhibits and animal shows. There are normally around 2 daily shows that are larger than what many expect. Make sure that you plan these shows into the day and remember that special exhibits do attract a lot of people, especially during holidays and weekends. Because of this, special exhibits should be considered at early hours of the day.

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