France’s Best 3 Zoos For A Family Trip

Traveling with the entire family, especially with children, means that you have to be sure that you consider other activities than what you would normally like. Visiting a zoo is normally a safe bet and when you go to France, there are more options present than what you may initially think. Make sure that you choose Eurotunnel Le Shuttle for transportation since this is quick travel and when you have children traveling with you, the following zoos are wonderful options.

La Palmyre Zoo

The location is great, right in the middle of a beautiful pine forest and pretty close to France’s Atlanti Coast, in Charente-Maritime. The region is 7 hours away from Calais. This zoo was founded in the year 1966 and is now one of the most loved of all the zoos in France. It welcomes over 700,000 people every single year and is home to over 1,500 animals. This covers 115 species of reptiles, birds and mammals, including snakes, lizards, cheetahs, tigers, parrots, flamingos and lions. La Palmyre Zoo does much work with endangered species and there are hundreds of births happening every year as a very good breeding program is implemented.

Zoo d’Amneville

A 4 hours trip from Calais by car, Zoo d’Amneville is close to the border with Germany and Luxembourg so you can visit it on the way if you are planning a European trip covering different countries. This zoo covers 17 acres and offers an impressive 360 species with 2,000 animals from basically all world’s continents. The zoo is smaller than the other 2 recommended but it is very appealing, with an yearly visitor base of 600,000. Resident sea lions are loved by children because of the daily shows featuring stunts and tricks.

Zoo Parc De Beauval

Here you can find a really huge collection of animals, over 5,700, covering 600 species. That is why close to 1 million people visit every year. The zoo is also considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world, welcoming children with panda bears as a big attraction, together with lovely penguins. One of the recent additions made in the past years is an amphitheater that shows around 200 freeflying birds and that offers seating for 3,000 people.

Some Things To Consider

Al of these three French zoos are wonderful for every single family with children that want to visit France’s habitats for thousands of animals but you may want to know some extra things. For starters, travelling is best by car since this offers a lot of freedom. You can stay as much as you want at the zoos and are not depending on a strict schedule. That also eliminates all possible baggage restrictions.

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