Different Things To Consider While In Falmouth, Jamaica

There are various different things that you may want to do when you visit Jamaica on a weekend getaway or a longer vacation. Falmouth is a destination where you can have a lot of fun, enjoy adventurous activities or relax. There is basically a little bit for everybody, which is exactly what you want to be able to say when referring to a travel destination. Here are some things you may want to consider.


By Jorge in Brazil under CC BY 2.0
By Jorge in Brazil under CC BY 2.0


The Falmouth Heritage Walking Tour

Falmouth appeared in the 18th century, founded by Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s great grandfather. At that point in time the town was opulent. Now it is basically a living museum that is a paradise for all people that love Georgian architecture from the nineteenth century. Most of the buildings are now restored, making the heritage walking tour really attractive.

Martha Brae Rafting

You can easily enjoy romance, relaxation or thrilling experiences. Tremendous river rides on bamboo rafts can be experienced and although the raft ride is just 3 miles long, you can enjoy a one and a half our romantic getaway in a picturesque environment. A regular tour includes a round trip transport, drinks and one visit to Herb Garden.

Greenwood Great House

Welcome to the finest of all antique museums located in the Caribbean. It is definitely the most attractive in Jamaica and you will love the fact that it was built during the age of brutality and elegance. Greenwood perfectly captures the 19th century’s atmosphere as most of the original furniture is still present. You can see the rarest and largest books and musical instruments collection on the island.

Glistening Waters Marina And Restaurant

Most tourists that go here will want to take a late night boat tour so that they can analyze the amazing phosphorescence that is available in the offshore waters. You can actually go for a swim and have your body glow when you come out. Bioluminescence causes this and the culprit is the dinoflagellates animals.

The Outameni Experience

This is perfect for all the tourists that love history and culture. The tour that you would be on would last 1 hour and a half. You can easily see the evolution of local culture with influences from Spain, Taino, India, England, Africa and China. You will simply love this attraction as it is a collection of drama, film, music, art and dance. Authentic Jamaican cuisine is unique and the Outameni Experience is great to experience it. If there is only one thing that you can do in Falmouth, Jamaica, Otameni is it.

Treasure Reef Dolphin Cove

A Port Royal mini replica, Treasure Reef includes a really interesting village where you can find a lot of entertainment, fun, shops and even pirates. Caribbean Music is all around and since you are in the area, make sure that you consider Blue Mountain Coffee. It can be found at the Star Buccaneer Coffee Shop.

Falmouth is wonderful but you may want to double check and see if the activities are of the type that you would enjoy. The diversity is great but it is not complete.

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