Explore the Ionian Islands with a Yacht Charter on This Summer Vacation

There is nothing more exciting than booking your summer vacation. Sea, sand, sun, succulent food, cocktails, and utter relaxation; we all deserve to experience a little bit of paradise now and again. Nevertheless, it is a shame that when most people go abroad they don’t get a true feel for the place they are visiting. A lot of individuals tend to stay in their hotel for the majority of the time and they don’t embark further than the nearest shops, restaurant, and beach. However, most of these popular holiday destinations are absolutely beautiful. And thus you will be missing out on magical views and a one of a kind experience.

One of the best ways to make the most out of your holiday and witness as much of the place as possible is to hire a yacht charter. This is especially beneficial if you are visiting one of the beautiful Ionian Islands. After all, you will be able to sail to the nearby islands. Thus, for example, if you are staying in the popular and idyllic Cephalonia, you will be able to visit the likes of Lefkas, Corfu, Kastos, Paxos, Meganissi, Ithaca, and Kalamos. You cannot deny that this is a fantastic opportunity. You will get to visit various different places and not a lot of holidays present you with the chance to do this – unless you spend extortionate amounts on travelling from country to country via airplane.

Apart from getting to experience several holidays in one, you will also get to witness the most stunning scenery. After all, there is nothing more beautiful than the sun twinkling on the sea. Of course you get a glimpse of this whilst sunbathing on the beach. However, when you are sailing across the waters words cannot describe how magical it is. Make sure you take your camera with you as these are sights you will want to reminisce over for many, many years to come.

Ionian Islands
By Philippe Teuwen [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Not only are the views extremely beautiful but they are relaxing too. This is only enhanced by the gentle motion created by the soft waves. A lot of people go on holiday to relax. They want to get away from the stresses of their everyday lives and the fast pace it seems to go at. A yacht charter will give you the perfect opportunity to unwind. The experience is one of utter serenity and peace. In fact, many would describe it as therapeutic.

And let’s not ignore the fact that you will be able to enjoy a wealth of different exciting activities. If you are a lover of the sea you will certainly jump at the chance of partaking in a bit of snorkelling or scuba diving. All the while you will still get to experience the fun you would whilst you are on land. After all, you can always anchor up at one of the islands and enjoy a bit to eat at one of the fantastic traditional taverns.

Don’t let your summer holiday pass you by without truly making the most of the experience. A yacht charter will ensure you have a vacation you never forget.


Author:Drusilla Anderson is a freelance content writer who loves to travel. She has visited many countries including Turkey, France and India, and is looking forward to going on a yacht charter around the Greek Islands.

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