Things to Do in Madrid at Night

As nightfall arrives in Madrid, its streets burst with life. Locals drink sangria and snack on tapas at bustling bars and clubs while sipping sangria or eating tapas. Even those who claim they dislike dancing have found themselves on the floor at this 19th-century palace drawing room nightclub, filled with themed events and guest DJs. … Read more

Best Restaurants in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik offers many restaurants to choose from, and here are a few of my personal favourites: Pantarul in Lapad is an authentic Adriatic tavern with memorabilia on its walls and simple tables, offering delicious seafood options like the Glorijet platter, lobster pasta or Veal fillet in Dubrovnik Malvasia sauce. Pantarul Pantarul (local fork) restaurant has … Read more

Luxury Hotels in Thailand

Thailand is a land of stunning beaches, lush jungles, and luxurious spa retreats – the perfect setting for world-class hotels that provide unrivalled levels of luxury. From intimate boutique hotels exuding romance to 5-star city resorts offering world-class facilities – here are some of The Asia Collective’s favourite luxury hotels in Thailand! Soneva Kiri is … Read more

Best Restaurants in Texas

Texas continues to make headlines as a culinary paradise, from gourmet steakhouses and chic taco trucks, to more humble establishments that leave diners salivating with anticipation. According to a list compiled by the New York Times of best restaurants across America, several Dallas-area eateries made it onto this prestigious list. Here are a few. Contigo … Read more

Best Areas to Stay in Cairo

Haggling at bazaars, sipping strong coffee or attending live performances; Cairo’s big city buzz adds the perfect balance to its ancient rocks and tombs. Some of the best areas to stay include Downtown, Zamalek and New Cairo. Giza offers luxurious hotel guests an opportunity to wake up to magnificent pyramid views; or discover 1960s Cairo … Read more

Best Area to Stay in Strasbourg

Those arriving by train or bus should choose an area close to Quartier de la Gare for optimal accommodations in Strasbourg, providing easy access to many main attractions as well as rental car services. Kable and Poincare neighbourhoods to the north of the city center provide a more authentic local experience, featuring numerous hotels at … Read more

Discover Paradise: The 20 Special Places of Costa Rica to Visit

Costa Rica is a tropical haven renowned for its stunning landscapes, biodiversity, and warm hospitality. From lush rainforests and pristine beaches to towering volcanoes and vibrant cities, this small but diverse country offers a myriad of experiences for travelers. In this article, we’ll explore the 20 best places to visit in Costa Rica, each contributing … Read more

The Best Areas to Stay in Bordeaux

First-time visitors should choose accommodation that is within walking distance of major city attractions – these will also prove more affordable than staying right in the centre! Stay at Pey Berland & Meriadeck to be near Bordeaux Cathedral and Bordeaux City Hall, explore museums in this area, and experience one of Bordeaux’s iconic locations! Bastide … Read more

Best Restaurants in Florida

From steak and upscale Italian food to Thai street food and vegan barbecue, Florida restaurants are diversifying their menus alongside its expanding population. The top restaurants feature cutting-edge culinary trends alongside timeless favorites. Sarasota’s waterfront offers many delicious dining experiences – Columbia serves famous Cuban sandwiches while Racing’s North Turn serves up mahi mahi fish … Read more

How much cash should I bring to Rome?

Ciao, fellow travelers! If you’re like me, prepping for a trip to Rome involves daydreaming about pasta, planning your Insta-perfect outfits, and, of course, figuring out the money situation. So, do you need to stuff your wallet with euros or are cards king in Italy? Cash is still a thing here  Italy, with its rich … Read more

The Best Festivals in Lithuania

Lithuania’s festival life is vibrant all year long. Events that highlight Lithuanian traditions, showcase local talent and attract visitors from abroad fill every weekend of celebration in Lithuania. Vilnius becomes an epic musical playground on the first Saturday in May for Street Music Day. Parks, streets and concert halls alike come alive with musicians composing … Read more

Best Areas to Stay in Toulouse

Toulouse offers neighborhoods suitable for every traveler – be it aeronautics, cuisine or history enthusiasts alike. Here’s how you can decide where best to stay when visiting this vibrant river city along the Garonne. Capitol Square is one of the city’s liveliest districts and will set the scene for your journey through Capitol City. Here, … Read more

The Best Restaurants in Lisbon

Lisbon offers some of the finest restaurants and wine bars, from traditional Portuguese eateries to modern farm-to-table spots and natural wine bars. Cervejaria Ramiro is the Peter Luger of seafood restaurants, with its legendary fish dishes and Prego beef sandwich being hallmarks of excellence. Don’t overlook its humble exterior or red door – visit it … Read more

The Best Restaurants in Budapest

M is one of Budapest’s finest restaurants, located within steps of Buda castle and serving both French and Hungarian dishes – such as paprika-strewn veal bone marrow with red wine poaching or pork brains in red wine poaching. This intimate and upscale-ish restaurant in Budapest’s Jewish Quarter doesn’t easily fit any category; its short menu … Read more

The Best Restaurants in Santorini

Santorini Island is famed for its stunning sunsets and cliffside villages, but it also boasts some of the best restaurants worldwide. These top recommendations offer traditional Greek tavernas as well as fine-dining modern Greek cuisine to ensure an unforgettable dining experience on Santorini. Oia Village Restaurant provides simple fare in a cozy atmosphere, serving everything … Read more