Best Zoos You Could Visit In Europe

Animal lovers already know that there are many wonderful zoos that can be visited in Europe. You will surely appreciate absolutely everything that each zoo below offers so if you organize a wild trip in the continent that covers the most beautiful zoos that the continent can give you, here is what your list should look like.

Valencia Bioparc – Spain

Valencia Bioparc

The zoo was opened in the year 2008 and is really innovative. There are over 4,000 people that can be seen in an area that covers 10 hectares. The project saw the work of a private company and the city council, with the purpose of creating something new where the old zoo was.

Visitors have the interesting opportunity to feel as if there are zero boundaries when looking at animals. Traditional railings and cages have been removed. Geographical relief is used to make it seem as if you visit right through the animals’ natural habitat. This includes rocks, rivers, streams and much more. Natural barriers make the visit so much more beautiful.

Tiergarten Schoenbrunn – Vienna, Austria

Tiergarten Schoenbrunn

The architecture of the zoo here is different than what you would expect. You will be able to see some giant pandas in a habitat that looks as natural as possible. There is a rainforest house where you can enter a simulator that shows you the experience you would have in the natural habitat of different animals. Also, you can see animals that come from the Arctics and so much more. Tiergarten Schoenbrunn had the first even elephant born in captivity and also showed the first exhibit with animals in habitats that were not natural.

Prague Zoo – Czech Republic

Prague Zoo

The Prague Zoo is definitely a delight to visit. It covers 143 acres and 133 species on the critically endangered list. On the whole, there are close to 5,000 animals that can be seen here. The zoo opened in the year 1931 and the initial goal was to preserve and make advancements in zoological research. Wildlife protection is important but the zoo also works hard to educate people. The Prague Zoo is beautiful and has so many interesting opportunities for those that want to see rare animals.

Loro Parque – Tenerife, Spain

Loro Parque

This is a really famous zoo and aquarium. Tourists can easily enjoy the birds that are available. You can actually see around 4,000 parrots, which is quite impressive. Besides the birds, you will be able to see dolphins, sea lions and much more. Children will surely enjoy Kinderlandia, a playground that is quite interesting. You also want to consider the indoor cinema.

Chester Zoo – Cheshire, England

Chester Zoo

For most specialists, this is the most impressive zoo in Europe. There are around 1000 animals that can be seen and the experience will definitely be impressive. Many say that this is a complete zoo and this is attested by the over 1 million visitors that come every year.

Chester Zoo covers 400 acres and you can see 155 species that are threatened and endangered. Many programs are held along months so be sure that you ask in advance. Maybe you will see a great show.

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