Best Things To Do In Recife, Brazil

Recife is the fourth largest city of Brazil and that may lead you to believe that there are not many things that you can do there. If that is what you think, you are sadly mistaken. There are so many different cultural and traditional attractions that you will surely love.

Recife is Pernambuco state’s capital and is located on the Northeast Brazil side. Many describe it as a mix of old and new. It is quite a busy commercial trading center with many high rises and busy streets. At the same time, you have access to many different folkloric music, traditions and dancing. To put it as simple as possible, you can have a lot of fun and feel great with the various different activities that are offered by the city.

By Raul (Flickr: DSC00541) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By Raul (Flickr: DSC00541) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

We will talk about some of the best activities for tourists in Recife, Brazil but we also need to offer some information that will help you to have a much better time during your stay.

When Should You Visit Recife?

The great news is that you can visit whenever you want to since the average temperature on a yearly basis is of around 27 degrees Celsius. However, you may want to consider a visit during February or March because of the carnivals that are kept or the off-season October Recifolia carnival. Make sure that you reserve early since a lot of tourists visit during these festivals.

How To Get To Recife, Brazil

You can access the city by sea, air and land. Various flights are possible but you have to be sure that you have a direct flight since that is not possible for many parts of the world. A lot of cruise lines will stop in Recife. Make sure that you focus on where you will stay so that you can have the experience you want.

By Adam Jones, Ph.D. (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By Adam Jones, Ph.D. (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Best Things To Do Or See In Recife, Brazil

1. Beaches – We are talking about Brazil so it is obvious that the beaches are great. You should consider Boa Viagem as it also offers many delightful nightclubs and restaurants.

2. Soccer/Football Games – Recife is really big on what they refer to as futebol so watching a soccer game can be a great experience, even if you are not a fan.

3. Walking Tours – Many are available, taking you to various great areas of the old city. You will surely want to visit Teatro Santa Isabel, the Catedral de Sao Pedro dos Clerigos, the Sao Jose Mercado and the Praca Da Republica.

4. Olaria De Brennand – This is a ceramics factory that currently displays so many pieces you will spend an entire day just looking at all of them.

5. Shopping – Make sure to visit Shopping Center Recife as it is the second in the country according to size.

6. Casa De Cultura Tours – This building was a prison in the past but it now houses many different souvenir and craft shops with great local dance and music performances.

7. Olinda – This is actually the main reason why people visit Recife. It is an UNESCO heritage city, a living museum that is seen as Brazilian culture origins when referring to the sixteenth century.

8. Museo do Homen do Nordoeste – Popular and anthropological art is displayed. This museum is seen as the best in the city so you have to consider it.

Recife is definitely much more than people give it credit to be. With this in mind, let us know if you experienced the city and what you thought. While we are sure you loved it, comments help our visitors to get a better understanding of the places recommended.

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