Best Festivals For Beer Lovers

Beer is the most popular drink in the world, but you all knew that! In our minds, we relate it to football, but if we really love it, we relate it to any kind of sport or activity. And while we’re not saying you should abuse it- we’re all for responsible consumption! – It’s hard to ignore how immensely loved beer is around the world! It’s so loved that people have beer festivals around the world, bigger and better every year. Since we love beer too, we decided to give you a sneak peak of the world’s top three beer festivals!

Mondial de la Biere

Canada know what’s hot which is why it started a very own beer festival in Montreal! Lasting for three days, at the beginning of June, it’s the perfecto occasion to celebrate the coming of summer! The 2013 edition offered 550 beers, ciders, meads and other alcoholic beverages on offer, of which 229 were beers that were making their début at the festival. This festival is for the connoisseurs!

Belgians don’t only make chocolate!

If sweet delights are what come to mind when you think of Belgians, you need to add beer to the mix! The Belgian Beer weekend is a celebration of all Belgian beers and trust us, there are plenty of them! The Brussels market place turns into a giant beer house, offering over 350 types of beer to visitors, from Trappist to Pilsner!

Britons love their beer

Held every year in London, the Great British beer Festival is the home of more than 800 different real ales, foreign beers and ciders! Taking place from August 12th to August 16th, the trip means more than amazing beer: it adds culture and sightseeing to the mix!

Beer? Czeched!

The Czech are famous all around Europe of their mastery of beer brewing, so it is only natural that they have their very own beer festivals. But we’re not talking about those regular, small beer festivals that are the norm during football competitions! We’re talking about the Pilsner festival, held every year from 5th October to 5th November, in the town of Pilsen. In case it wasn’t obvious already, this is the place where the Pilsner was invented and where the original Pilsner Urquell beer, the traditional pale lager invented by the Czech, is still produced, 200 years after its invention! For five days of tradition and history in the world of beer making, put Pilsen on your map!


This is the largest beer festival in the world, we dare say! Oktoberfest starts on September 20th and lasts till October 5th and more than six million people from around the world come and taste the famed German beer! It started out in Munich and it is a huge part of Bavarian culture, but other German cities hold Oktoberfest celebrations!  The festival includes the German Unity Day and everyone puts on the traditional costume and beautiful, blonde girls braid their hair! You’ve got two weeks of celebrations on your hands and if you can’t handle all that beer, in 14 different tents, you can take advantage and visit the wonderful Bavarian scenery!

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