Best Chinese Restaurants in NYC

With so many excellent Chinese restaurants in NYC, it can be hard to decide what’s the best for you. Whether you’re in the mood for fiery Szechuan cuisine, classic dim sum brunch, or superior takeout and delivery services – we’ve got your needs covered.

From unassuming street stalls to Michelin-starred establishments, China offers some of the finest dining experiences that will surely leave you with lasting memories. Here are some of our picks for the top restaurants in China sure to please any palate.

Ming Ting

When one thinks of China, a country full of diverse dialects and cultural traditions, one of the first things that comes to mind is its culinary culture. From street foods in Chinatowns to high-end restaurants, Chinese food offers an exotic journey from east to west with exquisite tastes and textures.

China’s best restaurants offer an eclectic blend of traditional Chinese flavors and global influences. These eateries provide diners with an unforgettable sensory experience, offering up tantalizing tastes and scents in every course.

Ming Ting is one of Chengdu’s renowned hole-in-the-wall restaurants, always packed with locals who come for its tasty fare – pig’s brain mapo tofu, deep-fried ribs and lotus leaf steamed pork belly. Situated down an alley in an old market, Ming Ting provides customers with an authentic taste of Chinese cuisine.

As its name suggests, this restaurant is a testament to the Chinese belief that health begins in the stomach. Their vegetarian dishes offer an exquisite blend of texture, presentation and source; using vegetables, soy and mushrooms to recreate meaty favorites so vegetarians don’t miss out on any of the pleasures of Chinese dining.

At this restaurant, the food is delicious and the staff is incredibly courteous. You can order a variety of dishes and they will prepare them according to your preferences. Additionally, this restaurant has gained notoriety for its music-driven atmosphere.

Liangshe Banquet is a popular restaurant in China that was inspired by Han Xizai’s night banquet concept. This eatery pays homage to Tang Dynasty culture and literature through an authentic night banquet experience.

This restaurant, situated in a hutong, offers an unforgettable dining experience while you listen to live music performed by an impressive live band. Each night they feature a different menu for diners’ enjoyment.

This restaurant is one of the world’s most stunning and unique eateries, providing you with a delightful dining experience. Additionally, they have plenty of music and atmospheric lights that add to the enjoyment.


If you’re in search of an authentic taste of China’s most populous city, CheLi is your perfect destination. This restaurant specializes in dishes from Shanghai and Jiangnan region; run by the same group that owns Szechuan Mountain House – another successful Sichuan eatery – it’s a stunning spot to have lunch or dinner.

DaShan, the owner, has created a dining room to resemble an idyllic Chinese village, complete with wooden rooftops and paper lanterns hanging from bamboo rafters. Capturing the essence of Jiangnan countryside, DaShan has captured this atmosphere perfectly in her dining room.

Chef Qiling Wang expertly interprets Jiangnan cuisine, showcasing dishes from Shaoxing, Zhejiang, Hangzhou and Nanjing with thoughtfulness and skill.

He also draws inspiration from China’s Song Dynasty, when Jiangnan was the prosperous center of southern hemisphere prosperity, to craft some delectable dishes with an ancient flair. One dish in particular looks similar to Barney Greengrass’ sliced fish but is fried and coated in dark soy sauce with a nutty sheen and subtle smoke for flavor enhancement.

Another unusual appetizer is tofu stewed in a deep broth that has been brightened pink-orange by dried peach tree sap. It may look like something out of a dream, but when you bite into it, the world comes alive.

This dish boasts an intense, robust flavor: red-braised pork belly that’s rich and sticky with caramel but less spicy than what you might find at a Hunanese restaurant. To finish it off, starchy rice balls are served along with a thick, sweet-and-sour sauce that doesn’t overly emphasize soy content.

For a slightly crunchy bottom layer of rice, opt for their boletus mushroom rice, served in a stone bowl. Its earthy mushroom-like taste is balanced by sweetness and mild green chili peppers.

CheLi Restaurant features a unique combination of Chinese and Japanese cuisine, featuring classic Shanghai dishes as well as innovative creations. Start off by trying their soup dumplings, but be sure to try their triple soft dim sum – three steamed dumplings in hues of yellow, green, and cream that are filled with everything from minced shrimp to pork and greens.

King’s Joy

King’s Joy, an elegant vegetarian restaurant, has established itself as one of China’s best restaurants due to its three-star Michelin rating – one of only two such establishments in the city to receive this recognition.

For over half a century, this restaurant has been serving vegetarian cuisine with an emphasis on healthy lifestyle choices. To further promote their mission, they utilize eco-friendly and organic ingredients from nearby farms for their recipes.

Fusion of east and west, this food is a delight for taste buds. The chef uses various cooking techniques to craft his dishes, creating dishes with vibrant flavors. Not only is the food highly satisfying, but the service is top-notch as well.

King’s Joy has quickly gained a following among celebrities, dignitaries and the well-heeled. The upscale restaurant pays homage to an environmentally friendly lifestyle while providing innovative cuisine compared to other Chinese restaurants that adhere more strictly to tradition.

With its innovative vegetarian dining concept, this high-end restaurant has managed to draw in customers from various backgrounds. Not only is the cuisine delicious and healthy, but also environmentally friendly – earning them many awards.

This interior is a stylish fusion of traditional courtyard house and Western restaurant, designed by Beijing architect Yung Ho Chang. The atmosphere is serene and tranquil, providing a welcome respite from the hectic pace of Beijing.

On most afternoons, guests are delighted by a live harp performance in an idyllic atmosphere. Enjoy this special touch for an even more memorable meal experience!

This elegant restaurant has a long-standing reputation for its vegetarian cuisine. They use only natural, fresh, and organic ingredients that meet the KJ-001 exporting standard.

As a result, the restaurant has achieved global recognition, featuring in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, La Liste and more. Not only does it offer vegetarian cuisine but its staff can speak English too!

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