These Are The Best Botanic Gardens In USA

Obviously, given the fact that the US is so big, there are many different botanic gardens that can make the list of the best ones in the country. The choice is really difficult. For some people a particular botanic garden would be better while for others, those choices are really bad. Because of that, we tried to make the list as diverse as possible. According to us, these are definitely the best gardens in the US.

Denver Botanic Gardens – Denver

Denver Botanic Gardens

Ever since it opened in the year 1951, the Denver Botanic Gardens stood out as a great attractive tourist destination for people travelling to Colorado. We were faced with 23 acres of manicured grounds combined with a perfect educational center at the launch. Nowadays, the site evolved to 3 more sites, including a highly attractive Littleton suburb 750 acre refuge. There is even a great alpine trail you can enjoy with so many mountain wildflowers. You can see so much at the Denver Botanic Gardens that you want to spend more time here than just one day.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden – New York

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

You would not think that such an impressive botanic garden exists in the middle of New York City. However, this is actually the most visited of all the gardens in the country. It is an attractive green resort surrounded by an urban jungle. You can see over 12,000 plants in an area that covers 52 acres. We are talking about a garden that has been impressive ever since its appearance in 1910. You will particularly love the 1 acre rose garden.

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden – Miami

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

Located in Coral Gables, the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden features so many tropical plants that are really rare. The garden was founded in 1938 and covers 83 acres. The mission is to conserve the tropical plants so you can expect many different exotic species during your visit. 100 of them are really rare and indigenous to the Caribbean and southern Florida. At the same time, you can see various cycads and palms.

Arnold Arbortum – Boston

Arnold Arbortum

The Arnold Arboretum is actually maintained by the renowned Harvard University. It is currently the oldest public display of plants, appearing in the year 1872. You can gain access to an area of 256 acres in a true urban oasis. Around 7,000 plants can be seen. The huge emphasis is put on what is found in Eastern Asia and North America.

Chicago Botanic Garden – Chicago

This is a botanic garden that is renowned all around the world, existing for over 100 years but officially becoming the resource it is today in the year 1965. Nowadays, the Chicago Botanic Garden is really important as an educational center and as scientific research leader. There is a membership of over 45,000 people and 750,000 individuals visit every single year. All to see 9,500 unique varieties of plants.

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