Best Areas to Stay in Cairo

Haggling at bazaars, sipping strong coffee or attending live performances; Cairo’s big city buzz adds the perfect balance to its ancient rocks and tombs. Some of the best areas to stay include Downtown, Zamalek and New Cairo.

Giza offers luxurious hotel guests an opportunity to wake up to magnificent pyramid views; or discover 1960s Cairo through Sufi, a bookshop turned cafe featuring copper top tables and patina-stained wall mirrors.


Downtown Cairo was designed by French architects during Khedive Ismail’s reign and offers an eclectic blend of old and new architecture. Downtown is the place to be for culture aficionados as some of its most notable landmarks – like The Egyptian Museum – are situated here. While streets may be busy during daylight hours, come nightfall things come alive as residents enjoy shopping local markets or sipping on strong coffee in one of several cafes – Downtown has something for everyone!

Downtown Cairo boasts no shortage of luxury hotels, yet budget travelers will also find inexpensive accommodations here. Many excellent hostels are found here too – such as Holy Sheet Hostel with its rooftop offering breathtaking city views and lounge where guests can dine or watch sunset – not too far from some of Cairo’s top attractions such as Tahrir Square or Khan El Khalili!

Downtown Cairo boasts plenty of boutique hotels for those seeking a little indulgence, too. One such property, Le Riad Hotel de Charme, was inspired by old Cairo houses and features Ottoman fabrics and artwork by local creatives from local creatives – its tea lounge provides the perfect place to unwind for some hours before exploring Khan El Khalili or visiting Khan El Khalili itself!

Garden City, situated to the south of Downtown Cairo along the riverbanks and modelled after English suburbs, features some upscale international hotel chains such as Four Seasons that can be found here – such as one so close that it almost backs onto it!

Kempinski Nile Hotel Garden City offers an economical accommodation option close to Cairo’s most important museums and attractions, and features a diverse selection of restaurants and shops – perfect for students or business travellers looking for somewhere affordable! Moreover, this area also hosts several universities which makes this choice even more suitable.


Zamalek, known for housing some of Cairo’s best hotels, also features plenty of chic restaurants and nightclubs – making it a favorite among expats as well as local high society – making it an attractive destination. Situated on an island on the Nile, this peaceful district provides guests with access to stunning promenade walks along its stretch, relaxing river Felucca rides, as well as sipping drinks at luxurious terrace bars.

This district of Cairo also features some of the city’s most spectacular mosques, with one such notable mosque being Sultan Hassan Mosque which can hold up to 17,000 worshipers and features intricate carvings on its interior and offers panoramic views of Cairo from its top floor.

Zamalek offers budget friendly hotels as well as luxurious ones. Le Riad Hotel de Charme, for example, is an inviting boutique hotel boasting rooms and suites featuring exquisite wooden furnishings as well as paintings by talented Egyptian artists. Their rooms are large and cozy while offering great views of Old Cairo.

Gamaleya Boutique Hotel offers budget conscious travelers an excellent option in Old Cairo. Situated just moments from Tahrir Square and Al-Azhar Mosque, its delightful restaurant and location make this charming hotel the ideal place for experiencing Old Cairo.

If you’re seeking luxury, Kempinski Hotel Cairo is an excellent choice. Situated in Garden City area near Downtown Cairo and Egyptian Museum of Natural History, its spacious rooms feature private balconies offering amazing city views. In addition, this hotel features spa services as well as pool access so that you can unwind after a busy sightseeing day.

Cairo’s ideal time of year to visit is during its shoulder season – typically October to April – when weather is generally warm and dry without becoming as intensely hot during summertime. Booking hotels and flights at this time also tends to be cheaper.


Cairo draws tourists in for more than just its iconic pyramids and tombs of Giza; rather, this bustling city of 20 million offers much more. Its bustling markets, jaw-dropping modern buildings, and delectable food add another dimension.

Where you stay in Cairo will depend on your personal preferences, budget and activities planned during your trip. For an opulent 5-star hotel experience in Downtown Cairo consider Kempinski Hotel Mena House; boasting celebrity treatment with breathtaking views of the pyramids as well as spa facilities and pools to guarantee ultimate relaxation during your stay.

Cairo Marriott is another five-star option offering cozy rooms and breathtaking Nile or pyramid views – as well as luxurious amenities that will make your stay truly special.

Visit Zamalek for some greenery and shopping/dining pleasure; this neighbourhood features cafes, restaurants and other local establishments for shopping/dining needs. In particular, Aisha Fahmy Palace (built 1907 by Khedive Ismail’s son in an elegant mansion filled with frescoes and fireplaces) stands out.

Giza offers another prime shopping and dining destination in Giza with the Khani El Khalili market, where you can haggle for fresh spices and textiles, sample exotic food at local eateries, visit the historic Egyptian Museum, and shop until late hours – giving you plenty of time to experience all its charm. Plus it’s open till late so you can shop on your own schedule while taking in its lively atmosphere well into night time.

If you’re interested in staying in Giza, there are a variety of budget hotels such as Sphinx Guest House that offer excellent pyramid views without breaking the bank. Situated close to The Egyptian Museum and with friendly and accommodating staff to ensure an unforgettable experience during their visit to Giza, this budget hotel provides guests with incredible pyramid views from its rooftop terrace and is within walking distance to The Pyramids of Giza.

New Cairo

New Cairo offers many pedestrian-friendly spots and dining hubs such as O1 and Trivium Square for casual meals and shopping, plus Cairo Opera House as Egypt’s premier cultural stage. Other must-try spots in New Cairo are Zooba which serves up delicious street food in an area filled with greenery. Here you will find many embassies and expat communities.

Egypt may bring to mind images of ancient stones and monuments, but Cairo comes alive with vibrant life. Egypt’s second-largest metropolis boasts a massive population and offers diverse neighbourhoods for you to explore – from haggling for bargains in markets and cafes to relaxing by the Nile. All await discovery here in its vibrant capital!

If this is your first visit to Cairo, Downtown should be your base of operations – an area which encompasses the inner city and is within walking distance to most major attractions. Here, budget hostels as well as luxury hotels are readily available; not to mention Egyptian Museum, Tahrir Square and Coptic Cairo sites that can easily be reached on foot from Downtown. Furthermore, Islamic Cairo can be explored along with Khan el Khalili bazaar.

New Cairo is an upscale district replete with high-end malls, hip bars and fine dining establishments. Home to several embassies as well as an active culture scene. Spas and sports clubs abound here too – an ideal place for families as there are family-friendly hotels nearby.

Giza is an iconic district known for housing the Great Pyramids and Sphinx. Though further from the city center, it still has its own special charm – you’ll find luxury hotels and resorts here with spectacular pyramid views.

Garden City is another upscale neighbourhood located at the core of Cairo that provides a fantastic experience for tourists. As former residence of Egypt’s elite, it exudes an elegant ambiance. Situated conveniently close to both Downtown and Zamalek, Garden City makes an excellent option for luxury travellers visiting Cairo.

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