Best Areas to Stay in Aruba

Aruba is an exquisite island that caters to every traveler’s needs, from family-friendly beaches and exciting casinos to family resorts and luxurious spas. Here are some of the top spots for staying in Aruba. The very best areas to stay in Aruba.

Eagle Beach on the western coast of the island is postcard-worthy, boasting hotels and stunning turquoise waters. There are also restaurants, shops, and attractions nearby that you should definitely explore!

Palm Beach

Are You Planning an Aruba Vacation and Enjoy Beach Parties and Wild Nights, looking for the best areas to stay in Aruba? Palm Beach may be the place for you. Home to many resort hotels and restaurants offering delicious fish dishes as well as traditional Caribbean fare, Wonders Boutique Hotel provides an ideal stay close to all the action while remaining tranquil at the same time.

Palm Beach is an idyllic family-friendly destination with tranquil turquoise waters and breathtaking white sand beaches, as well as high-rise resorts and low-rise hotels with great swimming pools and amazing shallow waters suitable for young children to play and splash about in. Additionally, nearby attractions such as Bubali Bird Sanctuary and Aloe Factory make Palm Beach an excellent spot for family outings.

Baby Beach, an idyllic natural pool at the eastern tip of the island, is another prime family destination. Resembling a giant bathtub, its rock breakwaters ensure safe swimming for children while being sheltered by sea grape bushes and lined with palapas; additionally, it’s home to four species of sea turtles that nest there between March and September – providing great photo ops!

Eagle Beach

Eagle Beach, situated to the south of Palm Beach, offers Aruba’s widest stretch of sand for visitors looking for beach tennis, strolling, or relaxing in one of its beach huts. Many see this as the very best area to stay in Aruba. A more tranquil option than Palm Beach with some great hotels, restaurants, and bars close by, Eagle Beach makes an ideal destination.

Palm Beach is also an ideal spot for animal enthusiasts, with four species of sea turtles nesting on its beaches. Additionally, parking spaces and shaded areas abound for visitors’ comfort and enjoyment.

Eagle Beach offers ideal weather from December to April, making for ideal sightseeing and bargain-hunting conditions. To save money and avoid hurricane season, the ideal time for visiting is November or May when prices are reduced and hurricane season has yet to hit full force. There are budget hotels and all-inclusive resorts nearby in addition to apartment-style accommodations at Hadicurari Beach that will give your visit a more local vibe.


Oranjestad, a seaside city known for its Caribbean flair and pastel Dutch colonial architecture, attracts cruise ship and hotel visitors. Here you will find restaurants, casinos, shops, and much more!

Renaissance Mall in Melbourne is an absolute must for shoppers looking for both high-end chains and unique local boutiques, as well as everything from designer fashion to Swiss watches at significantly discounted prices compared to back home.

Whoever needs an escape should head north to Mangel Halto Beach, an unspoiled stretch of sand off the usual tourist track. Snorkelers and swimmers will find that its clear waters offer ideal conditions for discovering tropical fish, reefs, and shipwrecks.

As Aruba is famed for its vibrant culture, Oranjestad serves as the ideal location to discover it. Here, visitors will find museums, art galleries, and historical sites. In the nightlife scene, there are casinos and dance clubs galore; also, this capital city provides great views of Aruba’s vibrant street art as well as the lively steel drum bands who perform during the Sint Nicolaas Grand Carnival Parade!

Mangel Halto Beach

Mangel Halto Beach on Aruba’s southern shore offers visitors an unspoiled beach experience where you can swim with sea turtles, making it one of the best areas to stay in Aruba. With calm waters and light sand, Mangel Halto is also ideal for snorkeling and hiking – you can walk over to nearby Mangel Halto Reef to view its extraordinary marine life; parrotfish, sergeant majors, and schools of the blue tang are just a few species found there!

Mangel Halto Beach and its nearby area offer travelers a range of hotels and apartment-style accommodations, as well as several restaurants and cafes that make this an excellent place for a peaceful, relaxing vacation experience.

Oranjestad, Aruba’s capital city and home to budget and moderate-priced accommodations is another popular tourist spot on this island. Here you will find plenty of quaint shops, restaurants, and bars that will satisfy every craving imaginable while being centrally located so you can reach beaches and other attractions on foot or via its extensive bus network, offering routes throughout the day.

Sint Nicolaas

No matter your beach preference – snorkeling, surfing, or relaxing by the shore, looking for the best areas to stay in Aruba – this Caribbean island will have something to please every taste. Boasting breathtaking turquoise waters and white sand beaches, there’s sure to be something exciting and relaxing here that no matter your interest. From luxury hotels with swimming pools to family-friendly all-inclusive resorts there’s sure to be something here!

Sint Nicolaas is an ideal destination for travelers who want to avoid the bustle of Palm Beach. Nearby attractions, including California Lighthouse and Casibari Rock Formation, are easily accessible, while there is an assortment of restaurants and shops offering authentic local cultural experiences.

At Oranjestad’s heart is this popular resort, the ideal choice for families with young children. Boasting both an outdoor pool and children’s pool as well as state-of-the-art fitness facilities, visitors can relax while sipping delicious food from Sunset Bistro while relaxing in their hotel-provided hammock or cabana. There is even an exclusive overwater dining palapa reserved exclusively for hotel guests!

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