6 Unique Scotland Travel Destinations You Do Not Want To Miss

Scotland is home to so many travel adventures that you will surely appreciate. In fact, if you enjoy adventures, you surely want to put this country on your bucket list as one of the wildest terrains of Europe. In fact, narrowing down all the adventure destinations is very difficult. However, we did choose some that you will surely love. This is a certainty. It is impossible not to find some that you will want to experience in the list below.

Stones Of Callanish – Touch The Center Stone

Stones Of Callanish

Everyone knows Stonehenge but you should know that there is a stone circle older than it in Scotland, the beautiful Standing Stones of Callanish. This spot is located on the coast of Lewis, which is an island on Outer Hebrides.

Mot much can be seen here for literally miles and historians do have several questions about the stone. The one thing that is certain is that you will end up understanding why people visit this location for centuries. You do this by placing a hand on center stone.

The Island Of Staffa

Island Of StaffaThe hexagonal basalt on the Island of Staffa is a place that is very similar to the moon and is located in Scotland. It is not at all easy to get to this destination since it is impossible during bad weather days. You need to reach Iona, Mull, or Oban. Then, you need to take a smaller boat to reach island’s dock, a location where boats can easily pull in to jump off.

The Island of Staffa is entirely made out of a stone that looks like a human giant in the past built it.

Munro Bagging

In Scotland, hiking is a very popular outdoor sport. This is simply because there is so much incredible terrain that can be covered by tourists and locals alike. Head over to Edinburgh for numerous options and if you head north, seriously consider munro bagging.

Munro is practically a mountain with a height higher than 3000 feet. Many actually spend years as they try to climb all of the ones in the area (practically bagging). There are close to 300 to climb.

The most famous Munro bagging destination is Ben Nevis. It is the tallest British Isles mountain.

Start your hike in the beautiful Fort William. Then, take the Tourist Trail. Also, remember that you should always bring water, warm clothes and let people know where you go. This helps in the event that the weather gets bad.

The Sheep Heid Inn – The Oldest Pub In Scotland

Sheep Heid InnIf you head over to the Royal Mile, you can check out many pubs of Edinburgh, with the Sheep Heid Inn being the oldest. It is located behind the Holyrood Park. Stretch your legs in the lovely park near it and then have a pint to relax even further. You can play some bowling (skittles), with the alley present there being still in use ever since the sixteenth century.

Navigate Single Track Roads

Single Track RoadsHow about practising your driving skills on a road with a single track? They still exist in Scotland. In fact, there are many in the country, roads with a single lane featuring pullouts in many points so that passing is possible.

Single track roads are available in Scotland on most islands from the west coast. Just remember that this is not an experience suitable for those that are weak of heart. You have to be very vigilant when it comes to traffic and always be ready to pull over if another car comes. Also, if you cannot drive fast, let others pass you.

Scotland’s Haunted B&B Or A Haunted Edinburgh Tour

Haunted EdinburghWould you like to spend a night inside a haunted B&B? Scotland has you covered. In fact, there are many different destinations that can be mentioned where you would be able to experience the scarier side of life.

The Lunan Lodge will most likely be a spot you do not want to miss. It is considered to be a haunted place by many and those that stay recount many different things nobody can explain. Other options are available if you do not want to see the Lunan Lodge. You can visit Airth Castle or Tulloch Castle. There are numerous reports about strange things with both.

The problem with Lunan Lodge is closed. But, you can find other haunted B&Bs. Also, Edinburgh has you covered with countless adventures for people looking for the paranormal. Blackheart Entertainment offers various Edinburgh haunted tours to consider. They have guides that are friendly and will take you to really strange, dark spots, all with commentary.

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