Incredible Places To See In Manaus, Brazil

Manaus is the name of a Brazilian city with a population of around 2.5 million, located right on Rio Negro. It is a great place for people that want to be faced with an interesting experience on their vacation. Here is why.

Main Places To See In Manaus, Brazil

Manaus Opera House
  • Opera House – Also known as Teatro Amazonas, the Opera House was built during a very important time in the commercial boom of the world. All the important maestros and opera divas performed here in the past. Free performances are nowadays available and you can also visit through regular guided tours.
  • Natural Science Museum – While many locals do not visit because of misconceptions, you will want to go there so that you can see the fauna of the region, properly preserved. You can also see live pirarucu. One Japanese entomologist was responsible for the construction of the museum.
  • Mercado Municipal – Built after Paris’ Les Halles market, this is the main market of the city.
  • Praia Da Lua Beach – A very nice and clean river beach that is just a few km away from the Rio Negro Ponta Negra upstream. You can gain access through shared motorized canoes.
  • Love Cascade – Located in the Guedes bayou, it features crystal clear, cold water. This area is just accessible by boats and after the boat ride is over, you need to go hiking through forests.
  • National Park Of Jau – This is one of the largest of all the Brazil national parks. It covers over 2 million hectares and was created recently, in 1980. When talking about fauna and flora, it is obvious that you will find something really special here due to the sheer size. The perimeter of this park is 1,250 kilometers, which is huge.

What Can You Do In Manaus, Brazil?

A Rainforest Adventure Trip

Brazil rainforest aerial view

Different companies are currently operating such adventure trips starting from Manaus. Just some of them are reputable and these are the ones that you want to consider. Whenever choosing a really good tour, think about the following:

  • Location – 2 main areas are available: South of Rio Amazonas and Rio Negro Basin.
  • When You Will Travel – 2 Amazon seasons are present: a dry one and a wet one. It is really hut when you travel during the dry season and this can be unbearable for many. In addition, many of the rivers and channels are dried out.
  • Necessary Equipment – Your tour guide will tell you what is necessary but you need to conduct a small research so that you are sure you are well prepared before reaching Manaus.

When you visit Manaus, we recommend that you also consider the local cuisine. If you are there, make sure that you consider pirarucu, tambaqui, tapioquinha, tacaca, sugar cane juice, bolo de macaxeira and pamonha.

Staying Safe

You should know that Manus is quite safe when compared with many other Brazilian cities. However, you should always avoid deserted streets. It is also a really good idea to avoid the entire Eastern zone since it does not have a good reputation.

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