London Nightlife Tips To Have A Great Experience

Everyone in the world knows that London’s nightlife scene is attractive and intense. You can find some of the very best night clubs on the continent and the world, musical events, private parties, plays and traditional pubs that all shape up the much appreciated nightlife. If you want to make the most out of your London nighttime experience, here are some tips that you really want to take into account.

Dealing With Queues

London has a really dense population and tourists are always around so it is definitely common to be faced with really large queues if you want to get into the venues. Do be sure that you book tickets as in advance as you can. This removes much of the annoyance you would be faced with. You can also arrive really early to the desired venue. Check timetables for the best times. If a Guest List exists, register on it in advance.

Tips With Schedules

Although it may not seem like it at times, Londoners are organized. You will easily find event calendars all around the internet. Also, scheduled events are announced way in advance. You need to check these schedules, especially when you want to attend some major events since tickets often run out way before the large events.

Remember that most of the events and parties will start during evening. Pub drinking normally starts right after people get home from work, at around 18:00. Week parties tend to finish at 3 AM. If you get to the club at 23:00 there is a big possibility that many drunk people will already be present. During weekends clubs tend to stay open until 6 AM.

Transportation Tips

London has a very well-connected and effective transport system but during the night problems can appear. You should know that tubes close at 12 or 1 based on the line. A night bus will be much less frequent than the daily bus. All this is definitely an inconvenient. The taxis will be quite expensive during the night so this alternative is a good idea only when running late or when travelling with a group.


London venues often give people access to promotions. Happy hours, costumes nights, student nights and other promotions exist. When you often go to the same night club, an application for member’s card is a good idea since you receive interesting benefits like ticket discounts and queue avoidance.


You cannot smoke at the London pubs and clubs. Cigarette packs will be expensive. It is a good idea to take at least a couple of packs or as much as you are allowed to from your country. Smoking outside can be pretty cold during the nights but it is your decision. If you can stop smoking while you visit London, it is a really good idea. It is also something that will be much healthier for you.

Do be sure that you are always kind with people. It is sometimes hard to navigate among tourists and drunk locals but generally, most people will be kind.

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